AINA TIR-FAX, June 16, 2017



• Rama doesn’t get along very well with neighbor countries, Meta says

• Rama in Kucove calls on polices to provide more votes when not at work

• Basha – No coalition with SP or SMI after June 25

• Interior Minister would sentence any police who join the election activities

• DP leader in Vlora explains how PM misused Albanians taxes

• Former Interior Minister – Do not waste your vote for SMI

• Vide PM requests that verifications on Ombudsman be carried out

• Polling stations still lack commissioners from political parties

• Basha’s vision for the fason industry

• This Saturday the parliament will vote for Vetting bodies


• Tourism contributes to the GDP with EUR 1 bln per year

• Two Albanian vine companies represent Albania at “Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017”

• INSTAT – Albanian exports are facing an increase to 4.6%

• Experts – Reforms had their impact in the economy, but not as expected

• HPPs in Lushnja and Dibra to be given by PPP

• Deposits insurance. Regional institutions assemble in Albania

• BoA Governor attends central banks governors’ summit in Montenegro

• Energy Ministry press charges against companies for not putting HPPs in operation

• Consumption falls off. Less tax voucher issued

• New payments to commodities clearance

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, June 15, 2017



• SMI leader – Unlike other parties, we have a real plan for Albania

• Basha – 10 days left to separate from old republic

• RP leader calls on citizens to vote for Basha. We toppled half government

• Left-wing MPs hold meetings with small businesses

• Meta – Country’s true matter is not SMI, but rather oligarchy

• Crime and narcotics. Is Albania a safer place than 4 years ago?

• Head of DP in Nivica…I vote for Rama

• Basha-Ranma agreement gave the first outcome on the Vetting process

• CEC – Appointment of commissioners by parties is intolerable

• Head of CEC holds meeting with USAID director, Catherin Johnson


• Only 1.5% of lending to agriculture

• BoA – Foreign entrepreneurship is raising the revenues

• Energy power from alternative resources

• EC – Albania is experiencing a gradual economic growth

• China and Albania committed to draft cooperation platform among companies\

• Consumption prices are the lowest in Europe after Macedonia

• Fiscal administration raises state budget revenues to LEK 8.9 bln

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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