AINA TIR-FAX, April 6, 2018



  • “Nation’s Road” toll fee, Haradinaj: “If asked, Kosovo would have helped pay for it”
  • The EU-Western Balkan Summit risks turning into a failure
  • US Ambassador Lu: “Tahiri investigation? Close to a criminal prosecution”
  • Fleckenstein: “There is no reason for additional conditions before EU negotiations
  • Diaspora Minister leaves Parliament after his amendment gets rejected by own party
  • Opposition blocked four main roads, Basha: “By the side of citizens in every step”
  • Rama: “Toll payment will not start before finding a solution about the fee”
  • Xhafaj greats the last strike of “Power of Law”: Great cooperation with the Prosecution
  • Debate on LGBT/ former Minister of Justice responds to ambassador Lu
  • Protest, Nishani: Strong symbolic of popular revolt


  • Rama: “The Kukes airport will be functional by Autumn”
  • Albania with the highest figures in the Balkan region as regards number of prisoners
  • BoA: Employment rate slowed down in 2017, investments continue in construction not in technology
  • Traders at Food Market start protest against the imposing of VAT


  • Death of Devid Kasmi, case passes to the Prosecution of Serious Crimes
  • 24-year-old arrested for distributing cocaine and marijuana in Durres clubs
  • Gjirokaster citizen convicted for murder extradited from USA
  • Tritol explosions in the house of the “Fire gang” member in Lazarat
  • Teenager distributing drugs near schools in Lezha arrested along a 31-year-old
  • Driver bangs 10-year-old child with van


  • Kukes citizens protest again, demand release of 11 protesters
  • New recruitment system, testing starts for the employees of basic level in prisons
  • Social center inaugurated at Bregu i Lumit
  • Health center in Bulqiza lacks power and water


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