AINA TIR-FAX, April 5, 2018



  • Fleckenstein: “We’re waiting the start of accession negotiations. Protests won’t influence result”
  • Opposition blocked four main roads today, Basha: “By the side of citizens in every step”
  • Rama: “Toll payment will not start before finding a solution about the fee”
  • Kosovo Minister of Infrastructure: “Albanian counterpart didn’t answer to our letter about toll fee”
  • Rama: “Toll payment will not start before finding a solution about the fee”
  • Kukes Mayor appeals Rama to release protesters. Rama: “It’s not me who releases them, but Courts”
  • Rama: “EU must remove visa regime for Kosovo”. Albin Kurti: “Albania must remove toll fee for Kosovo”
  • Opposition protest, Xhafaj: It was unlawful, I thank police and citizens
  • SMI appeals for Rama expulsion from parliament
  • Tall fee in Nation Road, Rama gives live apologies to Kukes residents
  • Former Attorney General in charge of four criminal offences


  • Rama: “The Kukes airport will be functional by Autumn”
  • Albania the second in the Balkan region for external intervention in economic, political and military issues
  • BoA changes regulation on loans
  • Euro continues devaluation, reaches its lowest point
  • INSTAT: Economic growth in 2017, 3.84 %, the sectors with greatest contribution


  • Lazarat shaken by explosion
  • Accident in Fier-Levan due to high speed
  • Domestic crime, husband kills wife with ax in Kukes and then flees
  • 3-year-old child dies on the way to hospital
  • Death of the 3-year-old child, Durres hospital director gives arguments on his death
  • “Power of Law” smugglers hit with excise goods, 17 handcuffed
  • 2 residents from Shkodra arrested in flagrance while exchanging drugs
  • Conflict with gun between brothers, two injured in Fushe-Kruja


  • Two English tourists confess the nightmare experienced in Theth
  • American embassy gives the important news for people interested for tourist visa in USA


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