AINA TIR-FAX, April 16, 2018



  • Rama warns vetting judges: You won`t have peace
  • Basha in Berlin for meetings with high officials
  • EU Observer: “Albania and Macedonia can start EU accession negotiations”
  • Basha in Berlin, Balla: “Let’s hope he’ll not lobby against Albania’s accession negotiations”
  • Adriatik Llalla choses his layer: Hazizaj: I defend him, there will be no criminal proceeding
  • Former Rama minister presses charges against police and Court
  • Paloka to Xhafa: You have to arrest your brother first if you want to fight crime


  • CEZ scandal: Prosecutor`s Office demands investigation term postponement
  • How Albanian government is trying to attract investors with zero taxes
  • BoA Governor: Facilitating policies of the Bank of Albania have affected crediting in ALL
  • Foreign currencies continue dropping, US dollar reaches lowest level
  • Gjiknuri: Salary increase for miners: Draft on miner`s status to be ready by April
  • Payment in Nation Road, Kurti: A non-well-prepared project


  • Three cars crash in Rinas road axis, several injured
  • Italy, Albanian seriously stabs neighbor
  • Trial of Elvis Roshi postponed
  • Albanian caught in flagrance with 121 kg of drugs in Greece
  • Fire engulfs house in Durres
  • Drug trafficking gang dismantled, 5 Albanians arrested
  • Fier under shock, explosive placed under teacher`s car
  • Altin Qato: We will not allow some criminals to threaten Elbasan, your office is my office


  • 25 first employees receive certificates at the Academy of Security Veliaj: Municipality police has changed
  • New police structure, policemen in every neighborhood
  • Lezha: 5 councilmen in Lezha join SP



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