AINA TIR-FAX, April 13, 2018



  • Government holds public consultations for Nation’s Road
  • Hahn and Mogherini will bring progress report for Albania on April 17th
  • Opposition throws flour against PM. Foreign Minister responds with water and apologizes for his action
  • Government holds public consultations for Nation’s Road
  • Minister Bushati and six MPs of the opposition suspended for 10 days from Parliament
  • Paloka after MPs throw flour in Parliament: “Country is going towards civilian confrontation
  • Investigation deadline for Saimir Tahiri postponed again
  • President meets US Ambassador after accusations of former Prosecutor General
  • Report of Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints: 259 police officers were criminally proceeded in 2017


  • Foreign currency continues dropping, USD in the lowest level in 5 years
  • Municipalities and Water Supply Enterprises the greatest debtors of energy
  • Attempts om euro devaluation, BoA: The measures that need to be taken
  • EBRD report on Transition: If you do not help small business, integration will delay
  • Bank of Albania sceptic on VAT
  • Tax Office online, 13 additional services added for the public
  • Climate changes: Albania risks losing her agricultural products at the extend of 25%


  • Layer of Mario Majonelli speaks up: He was killed with three bullets
  • Police arrests driver under alcohol effect
  • 111 fines imposed in Tirana within a day
  • 4 youngsters seized with cocaine in Ksamil


  • Municipality mayor Veliaj appeals to Tirana citizens to appoint their flat administrators
  • Good news for immigrants in Germany, criteria set for social assistance
  • English billionaire inherits his wealth to the Albanian who take care of him

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