AINA TIR-FAX, April 12, 2018



  • Hahn and Mogherini will bring progress report for Albania on April 17th
  • Opposition throws flour against PM. Foreign Minister responds with water and apologizes for his action
  • Freedom House: “Albania, hybrid regime. Authoritarian dangers from PM”
  • Did the US Ambassador ask for former LSI leader arrest? Lu meets President Meta
  • DP to protest tomorrow in Parliament against PM Rama’s language


  • Social inequality deepens, 6% own 5.1 bln EUR
  • World Bank: “PPP projects, a threat. Skeptic for VAT on small business”
  • I million Albanians live in poverty, BoA: Albanians the poorest in Europe
  • Tax Office instructions: The steps to be followed by the small businesses with the application of VAT since April 1st
  • EU and EBRD finance 40 million dollars for tourism in four municipalities of Albania


  • 44-year-old from Kukes attempts suicide and sets fire to his house
  • 79-year-old elderly suicides in Grams
  • Car crashes 20-year-old in “Zogu i Pare” boulevard
  • 28-year-old electrocuted in Tirana
  • Albanian convicted with 17 years of imprisonment extradited from Athens
  • Four Albanians arrested after beings seized with marijuana in Italy
  • Half tons of cannabis disappear, mice blamed


  • Charity concert in Skenderbeg square, incomes collected to go to four children suffering from cancer


  • Academy of Science honors the famous writer Ismail Kadare with the carrier prize
  • Parliament arrives in Shkoder, actors turned into Members of Parliament

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