AINA TIR-FAX, April 11, 2018



  • Majko in Turkey: “Albania’s relations with the Diaspora will be sanctioned by law”
  • “The West is not prepared for Russia’s game in Balkan”
  • European MP: “Iran is focusing in Albania to undermine the status of MEK”
  • Basha: “Albania of honest competition, a Democratic Party vision”
  • Rama: “Today’s protest, a joke. Municipal markets not included in VAT”
  • DP at EPP Political Assembly: “Human rights and freedom have deteriorated in Albania”
  • Kryemadhi goes to DP headquarter, meeting with Basha for an hour


  • Government subsidies cover only farmers with large lands or who cooperate with each other
  • Rama: “Today’s protest, a joke. Municipal markets not included in VAT”
  • Bank of Albania sceptic for VAT in the small business
  • Bank of Albania: Tax imposed in the Nation Road to be set based on citizens’ needs
  • Bank of Albania offers 40 million USD loan for Theth, Tushemisht and Seman road axes
  • Euro devolution and its effect on houses, vacations etc
  • Small business tax, Ahmetaj in Kukes: It is not a new tax, it`s an obligation


  • Armed 18-year-old arrested in Peshkopi
  • Burn car found in Fier with firearm inside
  • 23-year-old arrested in Berat for intimidating young girl
  • Son killed for revenge, father convicted with life imprisonment not allowed to be at the funeral
  • Murder of Mario Majollari disclosed, perpetrator identified
  • Earthquake of 3.9 on Richter scale with Orikum as epicenter
  • Mat, two masked people attack doctor


  • Veliaj donates “The key of the City” to the Bolonja mayor
  • 150 pupils remain without school due to reconstruction for five days


  • Vlora parodists confess the secrets of a lifetime

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