AINA TIR-FAX, April 10, 2018



  • DP on protest on Monday to join businesses
  • Basha: DP vision, Albania of fair competitiveness
  • Former Minister of SMI: Some of the businesses risk closing their doors forever
  • Vetting in police stats: 30 police officers of higher ranks declare their incomes
  • Veliaj: Policy to be concerned more on generations not higher ranks


  • Minister of Finances: “VAT for small businesses will not raise prices”
  • Small businesses close doors, protest against inclusion in the VAT system
  • Vlora, a few businesses join protest, the same situation even in Lushnja
  • VAT scheme: Ahmetaj informs business: No prices increase since April 1
  • Braimllari: If the government does not react, the protest will be massive
  • Durres, farmers in difficulties, there is no market and not conditions for agriculture
  • Several flights canceled in Rinas airport due to strike of Luftansa and Air France employees
  • Governor of BoA gives reason at the Economy Commission on ALL evaluation versus Euro and USD
  • Car insurance, FSA adopts the minimal limit for each car category


  • 65-year-old dies after being crashed by car
  • Three people die involved in an accident in Fier
  • Greek resident transporting cannabis arrested
  • Shkoder, check point in Dukagjin, residents complain
  • Greece, two Albanian thieves arrested
  • Train Shkoder-Tirana bangs motorcycle, two injured


  • Agriculture functions like in Medieval times in Kukes
  • Saint Sotir Church robbed
  • Veliaj: Our ambition, development of agro-tourism and empowerment of suburban areas


  • Director tells censured schemes on films before 90`s

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