AINA TIR-FAX, March 8, 2018



  • President’s message on International Women’s Day
  • EU Defense Ministers discuss Balkan security
  • Russian Embassy on lobbying for DP accusations: “A dirty media campaign”
  • Former Prosecutor General Llalla, 15 years out of the judiciary system
  • Former DP Minister, Arben Imami, refused Lulzim Basha’s offer
  • Prosecutor Gashi’s request to invalidate PG Marku’s order rejected by Court
  • First meeting of the Judiciary Appointments Council was decided today


  • Property taxes to be added in the electricity bill, their fees according to certain areas in Tirana


  • Trains in Albania ride with 5km/hour, but in 2017 they caused 9 accidents
  • How the decomposed body was found in Fier and the suspicion for murder
  • Corpse found in Pogradec river, residents shocked
  • Serious accident in Shkoder, two youngsters injured, one in serious medical conditions
  • Massive earth slides in Elbasan isolated Cërrunjës residents, their houses endangered


  • “Equality and dignity”, women march on protest on March 8
  • Tirana Mayor’s message for women who help running the city
  • Women in typically men professions
  • Basha meets women in economic need: “Their pain motivates me to change this reality”
  • 500 trees planted at Tirana’s Artificial lake, creating “Mothers’ Trail”
  • DP denunciation: At the emergency room of Tirana hospital there is lack of a vital medicament which might rescue lives


  • Protected touristic areas attract tourist attention

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