AINA TIR-FAX, March 3, 2018



  • Former DP Parliament Speaker, Topalli: “Government and opposition, two halves of same problem”
  • Who stands behind 613 kg of cocaine? Minister Xhafaj with two different stances
  • Is Greece conditioning EU progress with sea border deal? Kodheli: “Negotiations are important”
  • Vasili: That is why 100 million euro lack in the state budget
  • Basha: There is no justice in the country with Rama as leader


  • Apartments with higher prices, Albanian money devaluated by the money of crime
  • Greece ratifies sea oil research near Albania
  • Finance Minister: “248 new foreign businesses started in first two months of 2018”
  • Artan Lame: Be careful with the purchase of lands in the seacoasts, don`t be attracted by cheap prices, this is a lie
  • Tax on property, how it will be paid
  • European Commission: 1 billion euro for infrastructure in the region


  • Former Fier prefect released on bail
  • Assets owned by former MP Mark Frroku to be confiscated
  • Massive earth slide in Elbasan, 5 houses collapsed
  • Albanian stabbed in a fast-food in Milano, perpetrators handcuffed


  • Tirana Mayor meets farmers, presents new financial support scheme
  • UN program for getting Albanian emigrants involved with Albania’s social-economic development
  • WB plants trees at the Farka lake
  • Suicides, 4 times higher than murders, economic costs
  • 20,000 families removed from social welfare, Basha meets some of them in Vora
  • International Drug report for 2017, Albania, cannabis source for the EU


  • Igli Tare’s dream, coaching Albania’s national team
  • Lorik Cana at Galatasaray’s museum with Albanian flag


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