AINA TIR-FAX, March 21, 2018



  • Rama: Reform in the justice system has already provided its first results
  • Mogherini’s objective: Unconditioned negotiations for Albania
  • Former NY Mayor Giuliani celebrates in Tirana with Iranian opposition
  • Administrative Investigation results, Constitutional Court Judge resigned before Vetting Law
  • CEC publishes Democratic Party expenses
  • Meta meets Roma and Egyptian students: Integration more secure through education
  • Xhafaj sends letter to the Serious crimes` chief: You need to call Berisha and Basha for interrogation related to the cocaine in Durres
  • Russian finances of DP: Prosecution to interrogate Basha
  • Berisha receives Donald Lu in his office


  • IMF: “Albania enjoys the fastest growth, but it may not last”
  • Loans and debts threaten the economy, IMF: “No unsolicited requests”
  • 2017: 10 thousand people self-employed have remained jobless
  • Fears emerge on the stock exchange market: Euro reaches under 130 ALL


  • Durres municipality appeals the decision for “Veliera’ square
  • Protest, miners attempt to enter the prime ministry premises, but they were blocked by police
  • Accident in Bilisht, car crashes with van, two injured


  • Greek Embassy and students join Tirana’s Municipality tree-planting initiative
  • Shkoder, Premçi: Emergency situation to be announced in certain areas in Shkoder
  • House robbed in Gjirokaster, jewelry stolen amounts to 100 000 ALL
  • Viroi comes out of its bed and causes floods in Gjirokaster
  • Floods in Shkoder: Prençi: Map has extended
  • UNO forecasts: Average age for Albanians to reach to 50 in 2055


  • Kapexhiu: reasons why the existing national theaters must not be demolished
  • Maks Velo presents sketches on the new Tirana mosque

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