AINA TIR-FAX, March 2, 2018



  • Juncker even more convinced after tour that Balkan’s place is in the EU
  • Rama: “We expect positive recommendation for EU negotiations”.
  • Basha: “Drug money funds construction business. Solution is removing this government”
  • The President invites MPs to discuss negotiations with Greece at the Presidency
  • Negotiations with Greece, Paloka: What we agreed with the president
  • Negotiations with Greece: Meta asks for support in reaching the agreement
  • Kryemadhi: Cocaine seized in Durres as in “Narcos” film, Rama is afraid
  • Xhafaj on cocaine: Super operation of police


  • EBRD: “Balkan needs decades to reach EU’s living standards”
  • KESH sold electricity for cheaper price, 1.6 million EUR loss for price admitted by company
  • Basha: Public debt was increased, not reduced


  • Owner of company transporting 613 kg of cocaine had escaped to Germany days before the bust
  • 29-year-old arrested in Kruja for murder attempt
  • Two police officers arrested in Kapshtica for allowing car with drugs cross the border
  • Tirana, robbers attempt to steal bank safe
  • Bureau de Change robbed in Fier


  • Tirana Municipal Police donates 80 “Love Trees”
  • Berat residents protest for being removed from the social welfare scheme
  • Residents of Thanasaj in Lushnje protest on the lack of investments in the area


  • Butrint selected among 10 most outstanding world heritages in the world


  • Luiza Gega, the only athlete representing Albania in Birmingham
  • Romela Begaj results positive even in Test B by risking of being excluded for 8 years
  • Bega disappointment: I am pure, the state is not protecting me


  • Snow melts, floods expected to take place in Albania
  • Strong winds and waves, sailing suspended in Vlora
  • Child death: Albanian ranked the second in the Balkan region with alarming figures

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