AINA TIR-FAX, March 16, 2018



  • Macedonian President protests against Albanian language law
  • Bushati: “Passing of Albanian language law in Macedonia, big achievement for Albanians”
  • Rama: Emigration an historic phenomenon
  • Meta with Turkish prime minister: Cooperation in the field of terrorism
  • Slogans against Albanians in Macedonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacts: There are actions of hatred


  • BoA issues the new currency of 2000 ALL
  • IMF study: Low interest rates of for Albanian Lek stimulated the use of euro
  • Survey of the Regional Council: 1 in 3 Albanians work in black
  • Property Agency: Dossiers of 1996, land owners to be compensated
  • United Nation Organization: Albania among the 20 most corrupted countries in the world
  • Other luxurious expenditure from the government, 1 million euro spent for cars


  • Mayor of Lezha arrested
  • Police cars crash to the roadside, two policemen injured
  • Bride intoxicates mother in law, remains in prison
  • 83-year-old shepherd dies in flames after the barn was engulfed by fire
  • Police closes the hunger strike forcibly, former prisoners kept in commissariat overnight: We were mistreated
  • Accident in Tirana-Durres highway
  • Klodian Çypi arrested claiming that police was planning to kill him 


  • Issue of water supply for two neighborhoods in Tirana sorted out
  • Miner protest in front of the Ministry of Infrastructure for the status approval
  • Action starts in the Dry Lake and Fresku area of the removal of waste


  • Tirana, one of the richest cities as regards history of art
  • Monika Lubonja resigns: Competition opened for her substitute   


  • Heavy rains expected in the last 24 hours, armed forces on alert


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