AINA TIR-FAX, March 15, 2018



  • Meta in Azerbaijan, received by President Aliyev
  • Albania’s Ambassador to EU, Suela Janina: “Time for the EU and Albania to turn words to actions”
  • Macedonian President protests against Albanian language law
  • Basha congratulates Merkel for her fourth term as German Chancellor
  • Vasili: Vetting to concessions, prosecution not to hide itself
  • Rama starts the day with with the new project of the National Theater: It will be a contemporary theater


  • The reference prices` list for the property tax
  • Euro and dollar weaken positions towards ALL
  • Bankers Petrolium and municipalities of Roskovec and Patos provide assistance to farmers with projects
  • Economic aid, Minister of Health: New scheme against corruption


  • Searches for Greek soldiers, 108 bodies unburied so far
  • Habilaj dossier: Prosecution prolongs investigations for former head of Vlore police
  • “Deception of businessmen”, dentist Alesia Duka remains in prison
  • 50-year-old crashes with his motorcycle and dies
  • Financier of “Habilaj” witnesses at Katania Prosecution after being extradited in Italy
  • Imprisonment for the owner injured a few days ago with explosion
  • 35-year-old intimidates two youngsters in the capital, police intervenes
  • Bags filled with drugs found at Albanian-Greek border


  • Security increased, 15 officers deployed near Tirana schools


  • National Theater director: The reasons why the building of the National Theater should not be demolished


  • Meteorologists forecast: Rains to resume in the coming days


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