AINA TIR-FAX, March 14, 2018



  • Speaker of Macedonia “Law enters in effect immediately. Ugly scenes should not happen”
  • Bushati: “Passing of Albanian language law in Macedonia, big achievement for Albanians”
  • DP greets voting in Macedonia: “Step ahead for better co-existence”
  • Basha congratulates Merkel for her fourth term as German Chancellor
  • Meta congratulates on the Albanian language made official at Macedonian Parliament


  • 80% of Albanians live with less than 10 dollars per day, the poorest in the region
  • Albania consumes 2 liters/year per person
  • Over 4000 thousand vacancies in Albania


  • Kristal University has issued 900 diplomas to Italians
  • 36-year-old handcuffed for drugs and money
  • Albanian youngster terrorizes girl in the highway
  • 14-year-old in Mirdita dies after being stricken by lightening
  • 49-year-old hit with strong means in Elbasan


  • Private operators will build theater in 3500 m2, to take 4500 m2 for their high-rise towers
  • Danish boy hired for the new project of the National Theater
  • Elbasan, ambulance 11 months without doctor
  • Albania ranked among the unhappiest countries in Europe
  • 10 years from Gerdec explosion
  • Father violates son and gets arrested


  • Summer Day, activities organized in Elbasan and Tirana
  • Tirana celebrates Summer Day, Mayor Veliaj: “We will keep working to change our city”
  • Elbasan gathered thousands of people to welcome Summer Day
  • Gjirokastra citizens gather at Viroi Park for Summer Day




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