AINA TIR-FAX, March 10, 2018



  • Financial experts appointed to calculate Rezart Taci’s debt to the government budget
  • Mayor Veliaj in Munich: “More focus on Tirana’s new areas”
  • Basha denies ties with Russian companies: “Accusations coming from Rama’s anti-Trump stance”
  • US NATO General concerned about Russia’s increased influence in Balkan
  • Who is Basha’s lobbyist, Nick Muzin?
  • SP DEMANDS Prosecution to interrogate Lulzim Basha
  • Accusations SP-DP, Democrats accuse Rama, socialists accuse Basha
  • Vasili: Anti-Drug operations, an alarming bell
  • Arben Imami: Basha destroyed DP, he should have resigned
  • Parliament Speaker Ruçi receives students from Peja


  • Basha: “No new foreign investment in 5 years. DP will liberate the market”
  • Bushati: “Berlin process, a chance for a joint market in the Balkan region”
  • IMF figures: Albania and Kosovo the poorest in Europe till 2020


  • Cannabis traffickers could start using indoors plantations
  • Gang of robbers dismantled in Italy, 16 Albanians and 2Italians arrested
  • 37 year old denounces Call-Center administrator for not taking his salary
  • 155 kg of drugs in Kostur, three Albanians handcuffed
  • Italian businessman and Albanian women seized with one kg of cocaine 
  • Fier, criminal gang who used to falsify documents dismantled, 8 arrested


  • Floods in Obot, KESH: “Water gates will be closed at 23:00”
  • New vacancies in the public administration, the positions to apply


  • Map of touristic attractions, Albania “shows off” with touristic places 



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