AINA TIR-FAX, March 1, 2018



  • Negotiations with Greece, Basha: “We will not allow agreements against Albania’s interests”
  • Durres drug bust, Rama: “We seized it without help from international partners”
  • Police after cocaine bust: “Basha’s declaration, denigrating”
  • Cocaine: Former president Nishani: National security put at serious risk
  • The US and EU embassies greet Albanian police for seizing 613 kg of cocaine
  • Maritime border agreement with Greece, President refuses again to authorize Bushati
  • Mecollari in 2015: “Any agreement with Greece, better than the one of 2009”
  • Juncker speaks about the EU integration progress of Albania and Serbia
  • Basha: “Economy on the verge of catastrophe by drug money”


  • KESH sells electricity cheap, €4 mln less than market
  • Banks filled with euros by January even though Bank of Albania declared war against the European currency
  • Minister of Finance and Economy signs Memorandum of Cooperation and Assistance for customs issues
  • President Meta does not sign the decree for the construction of Vlora airport


  • Court accepts Prosecution request, Aqif Rakipi innocent
  • Police seizes 180 million EUR of cocaine in Durres/exclusive pictures
  • Daughter in law and lover kill husband and mother in law and then burn  house to hide evidence
  • 36-year-old from Skrapar arrested after being declared wanted in Italy for drug trafficking
  • Serious Crimes Prosecution are investigating changes of contracts for Tirana-Elbasan road axis, border members interrogated 
  • Some members of the group who transported 613 kg of cocaine from Columbia identified
  • 5 tons of marijuana coming from Albania seized in Italy
  • Tirana, explosive placed in front of a house in Tirana  


  • Albanian emigrants in Greece welcome Apostille Stamp removal
  • Additional security measures in Durres Port
  • Areas isolated form snow unblocked in Puka and Gjirokaster
  • Temperatures go up, risk for floods is present


  • Well known writer Fatos Kongoli in serious health conditions, asks help from state

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