AIAN TIR-FAX, March 30, 2018



  • Albania expels two Russian diplomats
  • Moscow note of protest to countries who excelled Russian diplomats
  • Two Albanians diplomats expelled from Moscow. MEFA reacts
  • Russia hands note of protest to Albania, two diplomats expelled
  • Former Minister of Interior “disappears: from public life
  • Erdogan councilmen in Albania: Turkey promotes brotherhood and peace
  • Elbasan Prosecutor resigns, after being recently appointed by Arta Marku
  • Five European countries can bring back the visa regime for Albania
  • DP brings to light new evidence against Tahiri
  • Gjiknuri sues to Prosecutor`s Office three former officials of the National Agency of Water Sewage


  • Gulen with the Nation’s Road maintenance? Turkey asked Albania to expel company
  • Americans complain: “High taxes at 30% to 40% make it difficult doing business in Albania”
  • Deposits shrunk by 47 million euro in February
  • Strong fluctuations of euro, common currency in crises
  • American Chamber of Commerce: We will leave if taxes increase


  • 12 year old passes away after being crashed by train
  • Albanian agent of FBI passes away
  • Former Attorney General accused of money laundering
  • Person declared wanted for robbing petrol stations arrested
  • Doctor in Korca criminally proceeded for not reporting injury
  • Vlora, two vehicles crash, 3 injured
  • Three engines blocked, two persons arrested 
  • Accusations for documents forgery, 10 storey building sequestered in Durres


  • Kuksi residents and Kosovars get together to protest against the Nation Road pay toll


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