AINA TIR-FAX, February 9, 2018



  • Rama: “Osum Canyon hydro-power plants will not be built”
  • Politics failed to appoint judiciary reform members. US Ambassador: “Afraid of reform”
  • Analysts: “EU Strategy for Balkan, on pessimistic tones”
  • President Meta announces two vacancies at Constitutional Court
  • Pavlopulos: Support for Albania in respect of international right
  • New Director General of State Police pays his first visit in Shkodra
  • Arta Marku, strict stance towards Fier Prosecution
  • Right to vote for Albanians abroad: Majko: It is being closely collaborated with OSCE and Venice Commission


  • EU plans to invest 1.7 billion EUR for Balkan
  • Environmental permit for HPP on Osum Canyons has expired
  • Debt remains sustainable: “Standards and Poor`s: Crediting crises
  • Fight against Euros: Bank of Albania approves package against the European currency
  • Euro devaluated again in domestic market


  • 7-month old baby dies from measles in the pediatric ward in Tirana
  • Thieves steal livestock in Petref village of Elbasan
  • Trial against Fadil Kasemi postponed due to lack of advocates


  • Floods in Shkodra, mayor: Fault of HPP, Shkodra prefect objects
  • Valentine’s day in Tirana: “Plant a tree to celebrate love”
  • Veliaj in the World Urban Forum: Tirana elected one of the three most transformed cities


  • Tirana Olympic Park turned into a box arena
  • 11 amazing beaches of Albania

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