AINA TIR-FAX, February 7, 2018



  • Bushati’s adviser: “No agreement with Greece”
  • German government, reserves about European Commission report for Balkan
  • President Meta receives Vlahutin in his office, the latter hands over the New Strategy of the European Commission on enlargement
  • Vlahutin “translates” EU strategy for Albania: “More unity needed”
  • EU: “2025, a realistic perspective for Balkan”
  • Minister Damian Gjiknuri in USA, about Russia
  • Tahiri, Prosecution asks Greek authorities for assistance


  • Osum Canyons endangered by hydro-power plant projects
  • Government approved 30-store-building behind Hotel Tirana
  • Credins Bank negotiating to sell ARMO to British company
  • New economic program: the 17 governmental reforms to be executed till 2020
  • Tax Office publishes list of medicaments to be excluded from VAT scheme
  • Euro continues devaluation and reaches lowest levels in three years


  • The assets amounting to 1,4 million euro of Viola Spiro`s boyfriend sequestered
  • Former minister of Economy Genc Ruli called at Prosecution on CEZ case
  • Elderly missing since two days found drowned in Shushica river
  • Gjirokaster, the man escaping from Court caught after two hours


  • Environmental performance: Albania ranked the fortieth in the world as regards air quality
  • Diaspora Minister met teachers of Albanian schools in USA
  • Farmers ask for help in Fier
  • 400 miners ask for medical assistance every year due to diseases caused from chromium
  • Tirana Mayor announces measures against acoustic pollution
  • Waste dumped on Shijak drainage canals help floods
  • Censorship in the media, MPs stand up for the journalist who denounced trafficking


  • Armando Duka reconfirmed as head of Albanian Football Federation

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