AINA TIR-FAX, February 6, 2018



  • EU: “2025, a realistic perspective for Balkan”
  • Johanes Hans speaks about Balkan countries perspective into EU
  • Strategy of EU on enlargement, former Ministry of Integration: An opportunity for Albania or a lost chance?
  • Der Spiegel: EU offers Albania and Macedonia the perspective of membership
  • Reform in the Justice system, EU ambassador Vlahutin: We will monitor everything
  • German government, reserves about European Commission report for Balkan
  • Diaspora Minister met teachers of Albanian schools in USA
  • Bushati about Greece: “First time there’s information exchange about Cham citizens”
  • Bushati meets Lithuanian counterpart: Positive decision for the opening of negotiations
  • Ardi Veliu appointed General Chief of Police
  • Ambassador Lu encourages youngsters to attend vocational education


  • Serious Crimes press accusations against former Minister of Transportation, Edmond Haxhinasto
  • Investigations on Tirana-Elbasan road axis: Former Minister of Transports Haxhinasto reacts
  • Ahmetaj: Vocational education to increase employment, in 4 years 220.000 jobs
  • Spaho: Vlora airport is not a private investment, in case it fails, government pays


  • Greek media: The murder of Devi Kasmi was ordered by a Greek prison 
  • 130 prison employees with criminal records
  • Funeral of OSHEE electrician who died on duty during storm
  • SMI official passes away: Touching message from Kryemadhi
  • Son of famous Albanian actor Tinka Kurti passes away
  • 140 kg of cannabis coming from Albania seized in Greece


  • Albania’s new national football stadium is taking shape



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