AINA TIR-FAX, February 3, 2018



  • Minister of Interior meets Macedonian counterpart in Ohrid city
  • Albanian and Macedonian Interior Ministers sign cooperation agreement
  • Petrit Vasili: Agreement Marku Xhafaj is a constitutional ambush
  • Interior Ministry: “Opposition distorted details about agreement with Prosecution”
  • Kryemadhi reacts for the first time after the arrest of the former director of Roads


  • Privatization with CEZ reopened, Shkelzen Berisha summoned to the Prosecution
  • Berisha denunciation: How state properties are stolen in the village of Vrime in Saranda
  • Dollar devaluated rapidly in Albania, it reaches the value of 107 ALL


  • Greek hired hitman entered Albania as a clandestine, ambushed Devi Kasmi
  • Civil society holds protest against Maritime Border agreement with Greece
  • Woman mugged in Fier, masked people grab its bag
  • Electrician dies in the attempt to fix defect in Ragan of Tropoja
  • Albanian who massacred Somali in England arrested


  • Water price, ERRU warns price increase
  • Tirana, cypress garden dedicated to Dritero Agolli
  • Tirana invites artists to bring ideas for new building painting project
  • Journalist Bashkim Hoxha celebrates its 64 birthday by planting 100 trees 


  • Rama publishes article devoted to touristic Albania
  • “Kadare and the Communist Regime”, 101 files for one of Albania’s greatest writers
  • Love in Christ’s age, Sadije Agolli confesses her intimate life
  • Ohrid Lake in Unesko, Albania submits file


  • Weather deteriorates with heavy rainfalls and strong winds

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