AINA TIR-FAX, February 28, 2018



  • Maritime border agreement with Greece, President refuses again to authorize Bushati
  • Greece removes Apostille Stamp, Bushati: “Dialogue produces solutions”
  • Who is Mecollari, accused by DP as inadequate to negotiate marine borders with Greece?
  • Maritime border agreement with Greece, President refuses again to authorize Bushati
  • Supreme Court judge found guilty for corruption, uses delay with Judicial Reform to challenge verdict
  • 613 kg of cocaine couldn’t cross the border without political support; Anti-Mafia government must be established
  • Opposition asks president for a hearing session, the latter expresses availability
  • Cocaine seizure in Durres, Vasili: DEA to be established in Durres


  • Public debt reduced, but still at threatening levels
  • Inventory for stock goods to be submitted by small business within March 31st
  • Albanians spend on clothes and shoes as much as European average even though with the lowest incomes in the region
  • Project for water resources, World Bank fund approves 26, 8 million USD for Albania


  • Cocaine seized in Durres, Xhafaj congratulates police
  • 44-year-old dies from heart attack after visiting his uncle at morgue
  • Dentist Olesia Duka denounced from three other businessman
  • Dentist reacts: They are destroying my career


  • The history that touched Albanians, dying 37-year-old woman decides to donate her organs
  • Tirana’s roads cleaned after snow, Veliaj appeals homeless citizens that emergency shelter is open
  • Snow still covers Tirana
  • Soldiers walk in snow for three hours to take sick woman to hospital on a stretcher
  • Elbasan districts, problems with “Malesia e Madhe” Librazhd and Labinot Mall, measures taken
  • Foreign women who moved to Albania, made Tirana their second home
  • Community funds: Flats in Tirana undergo great changes benefiting by the fund


  • British newspaper “The guardian”: Tirana, one of the friendliest cities  for children of the world

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