AINA TIR-FAX, February 24, 2018



  • Juncker in Tirana. Vlahutin: “The task of our generation”
  • Juncker in Tiarna, will meet PM Rama and President Meta
  • Greek Foreign Minister: “Albania is still waiting for President’s permit”
  • Bushati: “Albania expects to join EU within a decade”
  • Berat, Rama avoids meeting with citizens removed from social welfare


  • BoA warns: Virtual currencies too dangerous
  • Registration of property to the notary only with an ID
  • EBRD invests 35 million euro for the construction of Tirana-Rinas-Durres Railway
  • Minister of Finance Ahmetaj: Economy towards industrialization
  • The last of the list, Albania ranked the last of the list with the minimum wage of 180 euro in Europe
  • Euro reaches lowest level in a decade in the domestic market
  • BoA governor, experts: Seiko to remain in duty till 2022
  • Abuses with funds in Tirana-Elbasan road axis, Prosecution comes up with experts on the ground


  • 30 year old Albanian loses life in hospital after being hit with lever in the head in London
  • Tirana, gunshoots against a gambling center, investigation launched
  • 42 year old Albanian caught after two years of being escaped from Greek prison
  • Businessman passes away after accident in Tirana
  • Veliu: No murder taken place during 2017 in Berat, no police reform to take place


  • Cham Albanians protest: “Transparency for negotiations with Greece”
  • Citizens of new Tirana blocks join Municipality’s tree-planting initiative
  • Nightmare: The new disease of Albanians, 30 patients a day go to the psychiatrist


  • National Theater artists discuss Mayor’s arguments for new building
  • Historic mosque of Et`hem Beu closed in Tirana to undergo restoration

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