AINA-TIR-FAX, February 20, 2018



  • Rama’s declaration about common president, reactions in EU and Kosovo
  • Belgrade pressures Brussels to criticize Edi Rama
  • Baton Haxhiu: “Rama’s declaration was misunderstood, taken out of context”
  • Families removed from social welfare, Basha: “Government, holocaust against its own people”
  • Maritime border agreement with Greece, president wants names of negotiators before authorization
  • Abuses with roads, former SMI MP called at the Prosecutor`s Office
  • Within 10 years there will be 3 Albanian states in the Balkan region
  • Head of State Police with representative from Guardia di Finanza: Joint investigations on drugs and organized crime


  • Meta meeting with Italian vice minister: Albania, entry gate for your investments in all the Balkan region
  • Tirana-Verona, cooperation for green public transportation
  • Environment Ministry closes Osum Canyons hydro-power plant project
  • Exports show growing tendencies: Only in January the figure reaches 23 billion ALL
  • New agreement on oil, government signs with “SHELL”


  • 68-year-old arrested in Durres for keeping weapons
  • Murder of Devi Kasmi: Court session postponed for the defendant
  • Macedonian declared wanted arrested in Qafë Thanë
  • “Prostitution house” detected, two people arrested
  • Accident with one dead in Lushnja
  • Accident in Tirana, no casualties registered


  • 27 anniversary of the communism fall: The fight against Enver Hoxha cult is the main purpose of the DP
  • Residents clean up waste of Vjosa gathered in Narta coast
  • Kukes, residents protest against Reka River hydro-power plant construction


  • Albanian documentary film “Aquerelle” wins the Best Documentary award in London


  • Snow and fog in Kukes, drivers advised to use winter equipment
  • What meteorologists forecast for tomorrow


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