AINA TIR-FAX, February 2, 2018



  • Prosecution General and Interior Ministry sign cooperation against high-level crime
  • DP: “Agreement between Interior Ministry and Prosecution serves to crime”
  • Agreement with Prosecution/Ministry of Interior responds to the DP accusations: We feel pity for the opposition
  • Interior Ministry: “Opposition distorted details about agreement with Prosecution”
  • International community is waiting for concrete results, Donald Lu meets Rama at the Prime Minister`s Office


  • Privatization with CEZ reopened, Shkelzen Berisha summoned to the Prosecution
  • DP and SMI directors arrested for abusing with Road Construction funds
  • Everything ready in the Kukes airport, except for airplanes
  • Employment in Germany, the new procedure lasts  14 days
  • Vangjel Dule: Berisha agreement with Greece in 2009 for the sea was fair
  • American Bank of Investments announces the signing of an agreement with the National Bank of Greece for the acquisition of the NBG Bank Albania
  • Elbasan-Gjinar, the road that “ate up” the money


  • 52 years of imprisonment for the so called gang of Lazarat
  • Murder of Devi Kasmi, Criminal gang caught
  • Matio Meshini accused of collaborating in the murder of Kasmi still in custody
  • Bailiff officer arrested for receiving bribery amounting to 32 thousand euro
  • Students demand resignation of Minister of Justice accompanied to the police station


  • Scientists raise the alarm: Albania among the most endangered countries from earthquakes
  • Swans among garbage, bad management of waste in Pogradec
  • Unlawful water connections, 42 cases discovered in Tirana
  • New server room for Tirana’s Aqueduct
  • Albania, “promised land” of many Italians who seek new opportunities


  • The big race for President of Albanian Football Federation

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