AINA TIR-FAX, February 19, 2018



  • Albanian President congratulates Kosovo for agreement with Montenegro
  • Basha in Budapest: Albania has no drastic developments
  • A common Albanian-Kosovo president: Prince Leka shows the way how to achieve it
  • Balla demands more time for Tahiri’s investigative commission
  • EU integration, Bushati: “Albania expects accession negotiations by April”
  • Former Minister Haxhinasto at Prosecution of Serious Crimes
  • President Meta: Membership agenda to be on the top of personal agenda
  • Salianji: Vetting in police needs to start from the Minister of Interior himself
  • Minister of Interior: Vetting dossier is ready  


  • Business Forum Albanian-Italy: Image of 1990 Albania needs to be changed
  • Business Forum-Albania, Cutillo: Companies` interest for investments has gone up
  • IMF and BoA meeting: Seiko: Albanian economy is improving
  • Albania at the top of the list for the highest number of bars in the world


  • Family involved in accident, father and three daughters killed
  • 22-year-old kills himself inside his car
  • Elbasan, 44-year-old woman killed gets injured by shotgun
  • Two Albanians handcuffed attempting to cross the border in possession of hashish
  • 60-year-old found drowned in Lepevica Cannel


  • Cardiovascular diseases the main cause of deaths for Albanians
  • Earth slides, Head of Civil Emergencies inspects flat in Gjirokaster
  • Veliaj: After cleaning, cooperation with Verona on public transportation and lightening system
  • Measle situation deteriorated in Albania 


  • Izmir Ismajli, Balkan champion for long jump


  • Week to start with snow and rain


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