AINA TIR-FAX, February 15, 2018



  • USA bans former Prosecutor General Llalla for being involved in corruption
  • Desir: “Economic status of journalists, a pressing matter”
  • Government requests plenipotentiary permit for maritime border. President Meta consults Berisha
  • Artists protest: Rama: Theater will be demolished, it`s not the government to divide the roles
  • Summit of Executive Committee of CMI, Basha in Hungary
  • Meta: Respecting of university autonomy is vital for the democracy
  • New director for Order and Public Security appointed
  • Other movements of director at the Albanian State Police


  • Measures against Euro, Bank of Albania explains why euro will be strengthened
  • Albania is getting old, sad data provided from INSTAT on birthrate in Albania
  • Bank of Albania: New regulation for stopping crediting in euro
  • New project on Veterinary, government centralizes services in the area


  • 23-year-old arrested for attempting to kill van driver
  • Bad weather, two accidents in the highway
  • Xhika under interrogation at the Serious Crimes` Prosecution
  • Shkelzen Berisha witnesses at court: No income of mine is related to CEZ


  • Miriam Cani and Alban Skenderaj join Mayor Veliaj’s “One tree for love” initiative
  • Floods in Seman, problems in Lushnja villages
  • Actor Roza Anagnosti: The theater is holy, I agree with Ndrenika
  • Debate on theater issue, Ema Andrea: Why we disagree with Kumbaro decision


  • Snow engulfs Llogara, problems in Diber and Korca, problems in Lushnja villages



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