AINA TIR-FAX, February 14, 2018



  • Rama confronted with University representatives about recent salary issue
  • Bushati: “Europe, more focused to itself right now”
  • Culture Minister: “What will really happen with the National Theater”
  • DP same as SP, women candidates give up Parliament seat to make way for powerful businessman
  • Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Lindita Nikolla does not appear at the hearing session of the education commission
  • Vasili: Rama protected Tahiri and left Albania out of the European Integration
  • Minister of Defense Xhaçka at NATO ministerial: Budget for AF 2% of the GDP till 2024


  • Bank of Albania Governor updates IMF Vice Director with decision to limit Euro usage
  • New scheme of economic aid, Mayor of Shkoder municipality objects it
  • Rama responds to Korça farmers: Do not plant potatoes!
  • Minister of Finances and Economy: Customs to operate online


  • General prosecution: Disciplinary investigation for Dritan Gina
  • Fier Hacker arrested on international order
  • Car ends into the river after losing control of car and ends in the river, two injured
  • 21-year-old goes to hospital with low temperature and dies few hours afterwards
  • Tirana-Elbasan highway, contract breach leaves secondary roads destroyed for many villages
  • 35-year-old Albania seized with 105 kg of drug in his car in Italy 
  • Great operation conducted in Italy, gang with 15 Albania dismantled
  • Tripled accident in Kinostudio, car capsizes near petrol station
  • Action on water, 900 private entities inspected, 19 people detained


  • Tirana Municipality cooperates with National Agency of Aqueducts and Canalization
  • Albanian education in Diaspora, meeting among four ministries
  • Inva Mula reacts on the national theater issue


  • Metallica, once again with the Albanian flag



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