AINA TIR-FAX, February 13, 2018



  • EU integration: Macovei and Vlahutin appeals to politics for vetting implementation
  • Europe unites majority and opposition
  • Kryemadhi for “New Europe”: “Albania must stay the course of EU Integration”
  • Negotiations in EU: commissioner Kukan message to Albania: You deserve the opening of negotiations, but qualified people are needed
  • Meta with European MPs: Political dialogue is of great importance
  • Drug trafficking” Marku: Criminal groups to be hit not only distributers
  • Harxhi: 15 Russian oligarchs have links with the Balkan countries, including even Albania


  • Korca: Attorney General Marku: Wholesalers to be punished
  • Bank of Albania launches bad news on deposits in euro
  • Highway floods: 20 thousand businesses lawsuit at Prosecutor’s Office: Damages estimated to 1 million euro
  • Gjiknuri in the highway: Situation in Kashar presented very difficult


  • Fishing boat rescued by Delta Force in Llaman beach
  • Accident in Tirana-Durres road axis, driver slightly injured
  • 62 kg of cannabis sequestered, Albanian and Greek handcuffed
  • “Hacker” from Fier arrested for stealing 530 million USD
  • Three vehicles involved in accident in Berat, two injured
  • 4*4 vehicle with motorboat and hashish ends into the sea
  • Albanian convicted for killing prostitute brough back in Belgium prison


  • Iranian mujahedins: “Truth about the MEK organization”
  • Tirana, initiative for getting children involved with bicycle culture
  • Destroyed road in Bërshita isolates three villages
  • President Meta requires the involvement of more women and girls in scientific research
  • Palms in the highway replaced with pine trees, a 3,3 billion ALL of investments


  • Ermal Meta: “I didn’t expect to win Sanremo”



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