AINA TIR-FAX, February 10, 2018



  • Basha: “We support Albania’s integration, but EU has concerns about a captured state”
  • Majko: “Haradinaj’s reception in USA, tells about the future of Kosovo”
  • Majko-Falatko: Agreement on social insurances discussed
  • Rama: “Osum Canyon hydro-power plants will not be built”
  • Greek media: Tirana and Athens have already reached a conclusion on the marine issue
  • Vasili: Rama black strategy on waste recycling disclosed


  • After Osum, the Nivica canyons and waterfall endangered by hydro-power plants
  • Arbitration Court rules against Albania and in favor of Bankers Petroleum
  • Infrastructure Minister invites US investors in Albania’s fuel sector
  • World Urban Forum: Tirana, one of three cities with most changes
  • Basha: 1747 businesses closed only during January


  • Three Durres Court of Appeal Judges, suspended and investigated for corruption
  • Albanian footballer stabbed in Italy, two Italian rappers arrested


  • Gjirokaster castle endangered, cracks appear in the southern castle
  • Gramsh hospital lacks specialists
  • Veliaj: After Sharra cemetery, interventions will take place in the villages
  • Minister of Education reacts: Apologies to professors


  • Culinary fair in Gjarica
  • Swiss ambassador announced “Citizen of honor” in Berat
  • Qelza of Puka, another touristic attraction of Albania


  • Winter Olympics, Albania and Kosovo divided in teams, united in spirit


  • Rainfalls and floods forecast to take place at weekend


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