AINA TIR-FAX, February 1, 2018



  • SMI MPs: “No more code of ethics in Parliament, only sexist harassments”
  • Berisha: “Rama is giving away maritime gas and oil to Greece. We didn’t do it”
  • Basha: “Mafia cupola extradited Seiti”. Balla: “DP fears judiciary reform”
  • Majority voted under opposition’s accusatory chants. Second list of candidates rejected
  • President Meta: “No amnesty for domestic violence abusers”
  • Myslim Pashaj: “There is no agreement with Greece yet”


  • Durres Port enlarging project for attracting cruise ships
  • “Virgin” oil, Prosecutor`s Office requires 15 years of imprisonment for Xhillari
  • Use of special fund for 2018 centralized, no payment without Ahmetaj signature
  • Index of Democracy for 2017 “The economist: Albania has improved
  • Erion Veliaj suspends the decision on the decrease of office taxes, it remains 8%


  • Fake alarm for bomb at the Tirana municipality
  • Albanian student massacred in Belgium, perpetrators faced with justice
  • Accident in Maliq, 45 year old in serious medical conditions
  • Albanian businessman declared wanted in Germany arrested
  • Korce, 35 year old ends in hospital after being stabbed during brawl
  • 23 year old thief fells off the balcony and ends in hospital
  • Patrols in Albanian waters against drugs, trafficking and people smuggling


  • “Albanians, Croatians and Muslims are not my brothers”
  • Prostitutes and cocaine, the Albanians’ treasure
  • Water reforms, action start in Tirana
  • Veliaj: Citizens to start contracts on drinking water till the end of February
  • How to apply for free scholarships in Italy


  • Albania to be engulfed by intensive rainfalls in the coming days


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