AINA TIR-FAX, January 6, 2018



  • Albanian and Italian marine authorities chase powerboat of alleged traffickers from Vlora to Montenegro
  • Basha: “Rama fears judiciary reform, that’s why he appointed an unvetted Prosecutor General”
  • Rama at SP National Assembly, invitations and accusations to opposition
  • SMI, Vasili: “Rama, the only one who blocks the judiciary reform”
  • Rama: “Our battle for judiciary reform divided us from the SMI”
  • Basha: “Rama turned himself into a Prosecutor and Judge for defending Tahiri”
  • Donald Lu meeting with three parties before the removal of the two MPs mandates
  • Vasili starts with accusations against Rama
  • Spartak Ngjela discloses the favorite of USA after Rama leaves


  • Identification of damages for the affected businesses has started, Minister Qato in the ground
  • IMF identifies five obstacles that make our products uncompetitive


  • Fire at Korca’s Cathedral after mass held in presence of President Ilir Meta
  • Two men arrested in Elbasan for domestic violence
  • Masks rob driver and his car in Korca
  • 35 goes mad in Fier, takes gun and shots several times in the air
  • Vlora in shock after the explosion in a business site


  • Students join Orbital Forest initiative, donating 110 trees for Tirana
  • Veliaj: 2018 the year of cyclists for Tirana
  • Gjirokaster 18 families spent night in cars due to fear of landslides


  • Holy Water Day celebrated throughout Albania
  • Albanian film industry about to blossom
  • French magazine promotes Albanian touristic attraction


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