AINA TIR-FAX, January 5, 2018



  • USA holds dinner for Jerusalem UN vote, invites Kosovo, not Albania
  • CEC decides to remove mandates of Rakipi and Rehovica
  • US Embassy reacts after CEC removes mandates of two MPs
  • Meta visit in Pustec: Macedonian minority an asset of Albania
  • Ministry of Justice: Maximal engagement to process and sort out all citizens ‘complaints
  • Minister of Justice: 8 employees discharged after the denunciation of the citizens
  • Attorney General ArtaMarku meets Italian ambassador
  • “Berlin Process plus”, the new initiative on Balkans
  • Social Party Assembly to be gathered tomorrow, first 100 hundred days of governance analyzed
  • Democratic Party celebrates anniversary their newspaper “Rilindja Demokratike”


  • Identification of damages for the affected businesses has started, Minister Qato in the ground
  • 2017 year of zero fatalities, besides fires and floods
  • Artan Lame: Legalization process to start within two years


  • Protest against hydropower plant and Turkish flag, 60 investigated for illegal protest and inciting hate
  • Imprisonment for the two cousins that killed 16 year old on the New Year`s eve
  • Tirana, fire in the building, 85 year old burnt to death inside the house


  • From shacks to a clean home, Roma families in Tirana receive apartments
  • “Eleonora” storm hits Europe, spares Albania
  • Mushë-Mëzës equipped with new water supply network for its residents after many years
  • AH1N1 flu virus gets back in Albania
  • Skënderbeg square in the second phase of works, some road segments to be blocked again
  • Zagoria district denounces the desecration of its forests: Measures need to be immediately taken, crime to environment



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