AINA TIR-FAX, January 4, 2018



  • Basha: “Having Rama removed from power is the only cure for our country”
  • Former democratic leader Berisha accuses Rama for releasing from prison traffickers, whereas 300 killers freely circulate in the Albanian territory
  • SP Assembly meets for analyzing first 100 days of Rama 2 government
  • Weapons delivery, police initiative and less results
  • Edi Paloka: The big fishes will be caught only when Rama leaves power
  • Arta Marku meets Zaganjori: We will engage all the resources for more efficient investigations
  • Greek Foreign Minister: “2018 will see suspended issues with northern neighbors finally solved”
  • Three European expectations of 2018 in Tirana


  • Copper enriching plant built in Spac, formerly operated by communist regime prisoners
  • Investments slow down: Low expectations for 2018
  • Calculations: Every Albanian has a debt of 2700 euros
  • 85% of Albanians leave with low incomes
  • Albania records the highest registration of foreign banks in international level


  • Court of Appeals for Serious Crimes released Orest Sota
  • North of Albania shaken by the earthquake, tremors felt even in Tirana
  • Tirana police shocked, kalashnikov found in the garbage container
  • 65 year old declared wanted on international level arrested 
  • Accident in Dibër/ two cars crash in Maqellare, 2 injured
  • The two boys of Azem Hajdari stopped today in the border crossing of Muriqan
  • Two Albanians escape Greek prison in spectacular way 
  • 69 year old banged by car and dies in hospital
  • 20 year old violated by masked people in Delvina


  • More landslides at the Tirana-Elbasan highway


  • The ancient mosaics of Durres, most visited archaeological objects


  • Snow in North and Southeast of Albania


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