AINA TIR-FAX, January 31, 2018



  • Albanian President reacts about maritime border agreement with Greece
  • Ballsh refinery closed, ARMO now owned by a private bank
  • Greece will repeal War Law, making way for compensation, but not for Cham Albanians
  • US Embassy: “Where are the promised results?”
  • Tirana City Council meets to discuss electric buses
  • Limaj on border demarkation with Montenegro: “It can be corrected”
  • Former Democratic Party MP runs for General Secretary of RCC
  • Foreign Affairs Commission members, no information about agreement with Greece
  • DP summons Justice Minister to report in Parliament for Seitaj’s extradition
  • Italian Justice Minister thanks Albanian authorities for Seiti’s extradition
  • “Roaming Judges”, former HCJ member: “Courts are not functioning properly”
  • Albanian Academy of Security signs agreement with the Montenegrin Academy of Security
  • Kryemadhi: What will happen after the protest that took place on January 27th


  • Finance Minister: “Economic growth in 2018, 4.2%”
  • 57% of the population work in black in Albania


  • Shkoder, 54 year old shot with axel in the head
  • Murder of Devi Kasmi, new facts discovered


  • Accident in Fier, 48 year old dies after clash between motorcycle and cart
  • Alarming pollution rates in Korca
  • 2thousand plants built in Gramsh as a contribution to a greener town
  • House rent to be paid to the Attorney General


  • Duro “betrays”Flamurtari, Partizani is my heart team


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