AINA TIR-FAX, January 3, 2018



  • Ambassador Lu publishes his first message for this year and shows his weakness
  • Albania’s challenge for 2018, the reform in the judiciory system
  • CEC, additional information from Prosecution for mandates of 2 MPs
  • Police responds to Basha for the protesters: Rule of law for anybody who violates it


  • Retirement age of women to increase with two months
  • Statistics, Albanians not considered “lazy” anymore, interest to work increased
  • Figures published: 25 million euro more taxes to be gathered in 2018
  • Germany has issued 3500 employment visas in total for Albanians in 2017
  • IRTC assets seized. Tax Office will verify bank transactions


  • Lezha, 32 injured with pistol, perpetrator declared wanted
  • Mirëdita, 51 people criminally proceeded for participating in the destruction of the Turkish symbol
  • Murder of the 16 year old in Kurbin, 3 people confessed to have shot with gun
  • 56 year old kills herself, family members try to hide tragic event
  • New year starts with tragic accidents in Tirana
  • 2017 dossiers, from sensational murders to VIP investigations


  • 2018 welcomed with fireworks and celebrations throughout Albania
  • First children born in Tirana for 2018
  • Long queues of migrants in Border Crossing Points after the end of the year feasts
  • Bulqiza lacks water, main line of water supply system cut off
  • 600 nurses left country within 1 year for better-paid jobs in the EU
  • New Boulevard in Tirana, Veliaj, Big project for greener areas
  • Airlines, 2017 a safe year in Albania
  • Fund raising initiative undertaken by “Drirtan Hoxha foundation, Balfin group and Tirana municipality converted in aids distributed for the flooded areas
  • Tirana Park filled with citizens after holidays


  • Weather changes, snow and rain expected since tomorrow

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