AINA TIR-FAX, January 16, 2018



  • Basha: “Government’s plan for former political prisoners, unacceptable”
  • Basha: “We have the will to realize Judiciary Reform”
  • Patozi conflicts with Basha before the protest
  • 36 Judges and Prosecutors undergo Vetting process
  • No compromise for judiciary institutions
  • List, 36 judges in the vetting list
  • Former political prosecuted people, Basha: Government plan unacceptable
  • Murder of Ivanoviç, Mediu: Criminal act linked to politics
  • Pandeli Majko: Why Kosovo should honor Oliver Ivanoviç
  • Murder of Serbian Politician, Ditmir Bushati: A strong blow for the stability in Kosovo


  • Freedom house 2018: Corruption, main problem in Albania
  • Albania among 25 most expensive countries as regards gasoline price
  • What builders foresee for 2018 as regards apartment prices


  • Tepelenë, 138 kg of canabis sequestered in Ninica
  • Police officer on the run after reported by Fiks Fare
  • 49 year old declared wanted by EUROPOL arrested
  • Murder in Gjorm, police present in the village to prevent revenge
  • Albanian couple arrested in Bari in possession of 5 kg of heroine
  • Elbasan, man seized for prostitution and injury


  • Freedom House Report, Albania still listed as partially free
  • Diabetes strips, free for patients aged 0 to 18
  • Train station in Tirana to be transformed


  • Bad weather, sailing suspended in Vlora, delays in ferries` arrivals

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