AINA TIR-FAX, January 15, 2018



  • Commission of Laws starts procedures for High Councils of Judiciary and Prosecution this Tuesday
  • DP at the Prosecution: “We filed document proving Tahiri’s cooperation with Habilaj”
  • CEC voted to not remove mandate of SMI councilor in Berat
  • Opposition accepts Constitutional amend for Provisory Prosecution General
  • 105th anniversary of Police, Rama: “Successfully reformed, but there are still corrupted officers”
  • Vetting Law Commissioners, unpaid for extra hours despite promise
  • DP at the Prosecution Office: We handed over the documents proving ties Tahiri-Habilaj
  • Interim Attorney General: We demand for a new appointment process for the attorney general position, integrity figure needed
  • Attorney General Marku: Fight against any form of crime
  • Opposition demands amendments of Constitution and Law
  • Pavlopulos: If Albania does not consider the minorities ‘human rights, it will face consequences


  • Finance Minister: “Economic growth, 3.9%”
  • Euro reaches its highest level in eight months
  • Minister of Finance Ahmetaj in Lezha: Vocational education a guarantee for employment
  • Minister Qato in in the social business in Lezha: The focus is employment for women in need
  • EU: 110 million euro for water and maintenance of the supply system in Albania


  • Tepelenë, 138 kg of canabis sequestered in Ninica
  • 7 year old loses life due to severe flu
  • Post Office affiliation stolen in Tirana
  • Father of Florenc Beqiraj confesses about pressure put by doctors for the removal of medical devices off Florence body
  • Assassination in Shkodra, explosive amount 400 grams


  • Candidate for AFF, Fino submits his resigration
  • Work starts for the new offices of the AFF
  • Compensation for former political prosecuted people to be revised
  • Bonuses for newly born babies distributed in Tirana
  • Surveys: Albania the least religious country in the Balkan region




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