AINA TIR-FAX, January 13, 2018



  • 105th anniversary of Police, Rama: “Successfully reformed, but there are still corrupted officers”
  • Basha: “Police will be cleaned when government is cleaned by politicians tied with crime”
  • Bushati in Sweden: “Judiciary reform, key priority for integration”
  • Rama: “Water reform focuses on citizens’ best interest”
  • Hahn responds to Greek MPs about Albania’s school texts
  • Vetting Law Commissioners, unpaid for extra hours despite promise
  • Meta in Zagreb, discusses about Ismail Morina’s with Croatian counterpart
  • Macedonia, opposition and academics appeal President to veto “Albanian Language” law


  • Minister Qato in the social business in Lezha
  • Representative of IMF in Albania: Government to not deviate from the fiscal trajectory
  • Dollar reaches its lowest point of the three last years
  • How to do business in Albania “ICE” Agency with its mission in Albania
  • Action in processing milk has started aiming at improving standards


  • Remote control explosion, 8 injured
  • Police carries out alcohols checks during night hours


  • Tributes paid for Rexhep Celiku


  • Tirana Mayor inaugurates “Musine Kokalari” Library
  • Albanian traces, the enigma of Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu
  • Klaudia Pepa takes the strange decision after negative comments on published video
  • Albanian footballer causes victory to the English football team


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