AINA TIR-FAX, January 11, 2018



  • Vetting Law, citizens who paid bribes to officials will get money back in exchange of evidence
  • Balkan countries have a great chance to access EU in 2025, but their problems may create delays
  • DP demands resignation of Gramoz Ruçi
  • Juncker says Balkan countries deserve EU perspective, but it cannot happen during his term
  • Macedonia, Parliament votes Albanian as second official language
  • Rama reacts on the approval for Albanian language as a second language: Historic achievement
  • Tirana greets decision of Macedonia’s decision to make Albanian second official language
  • Italian head of Anti-Corruption meets with Albanian Justice Minister
  • Minister of Interior meets Italian head of corruption
  • Judiciary Reform, High Councils of Judiciary and Prosecution start Monday
  • Lots cast for prosecutors who will undergo Vetting
  • Vasili: Prime Minister with eyes towards east
  • Minister of Justice meets former prosecuted people and promises transparency and compensation


  • Road maintenance, WB: Contracts are being modified, there are contradictions and inconsistencies
  • EU took Albania 900 million euro in the service trade for the first 9 months of 2017
  • Strasbourg Human Rights Court rules that Albania must pay 14 mln EUR to owners of demolished building


  • Judge shot to death, former husband to be punished with life imprisonment
  • Aggressor shots against 14 year old girl


  • Alarming pollution from Fushe-Kruja furnaces can be seen from Tirana
  • 4% of Albanian children have experienced bullying in schools
  • New methods for corruption in universities
  • Veliaj: “Major tree-planting operation on March 21st, World Forestry Day”
  • Urban waste end up in the Fierza Lake


  • Meta praises assessment of Kadare
  • Film industry, still as “culture investments” by government
  • Aleksander Moisiu Theater celebrates its 65th birthday




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