AINA TIR-FAX, January 10, 2018



  • Vetting Law, citizens who paid bribes to officials will get money back in exchange of evidence
  • Xhafaj meets ambassadors for the vetting law: Assistance from internationals required
  • Attorney General Marku meets Minister of Interior Xhafaj in the ministry premises
  • High-level cooperation Task Force for the “Force of Law” operation
  • Paskal Milo; Basha and Kryemadhi are arranging a great assassination for Albania. EU has a plan for us
  • Chief Prosecutor of Elbasan files lawsuit against Prosecutor General Arta Marku
  • Judiciary Reform, citizens provide complaints about suspicious verdicts, but not facts


  • Road maintenance, WB: Contracts are being modified, there are contradictions and inconsistencies
  • Builders are pessimistic about demand and prices in 2018


  • Judge shot to death, former husband to be punished with life imprisonment
  • Boat explodes in Pogradec, causes remain a mystery
  • Greece, two Albanian brothers arrested for drug trafficking
  • Accident in Korça-Pogradec road axis, two injured due to car crash
  • 36 year old declared wanted after attempting to bang two people with his car
  • Saranda, two youngsters arrested with 6 kg of cannabis
  • Motorboat found hidden in bushes in Vlora
  • Tax officers arrested for bribing 7 thousand euro from a businessman
  • 36 year old arrested in possession of 148 kg of cannabis


  • Trust of patients increased for heart surgeries in Albania, record-breaking operations in 2017
  • 200 more trees to be planted in the area of the Dry Lake, Veliaj: 2018 a better year for Tirana
  • Geological report for the flat in Gjirokaster: Residents must immediately leave
  • Mayor warns bars that litter Tirana streets: “We’re ready to open your waste bags and identify you”
  • Malnourished children in Kamëz school
  • Law on underage, new code to protect them from crime and punishments


  • Film industry, still as “culture investments” by government
  • Ismail Kadare wins “Nonino 2018” prize in Italy


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