AINA TIR-FAX, December 6, 2017



  • The Western Balkan Forum, Rama: “EU accession should not turn into an illusion
  • Poland an “advocate” of Albanian integration: Negotiations to be opened within 2018
  • Brussels, Xhafaj meets Avramolupos: Support for integration, congratulations for the fight against drugs
  • Former Italian PM Romano Prodi in Albania, meets President Ilir Meta
  • New Prosecutor General, Xhafaj: “Different relation with Police”
  • Tirana Mayor in Italy, discusses IPA funds for Albania’s capital
  • Border agreement with Montenegro, Kosovo sends new initiative in Parliament
  • Legal stalemate for appointing of next Prosecutor General
  • EC President Juncker: “We’ll propose negotiations with Albania, if reforms go well next six months”
  • Lindita Nikolla offers her monthly salary to flooded schools


  • Average salary in the public sector goes 60.500ALL
  • Parliament starts discussions on budget changes, more fund for roads
  • Commission of Economy/Ahmetaj: 260 thousand new jobs in 4 years
  • Albanians addicted to alcohol, spend more than Greeks and Italians on beverages
  • Damages from floods: Sonila Qato appeals to businesses for assistance


  • 65 kg of cannabis sequestered, three handcuffed
  • “Shullazi” trial postponed again
  • Drugs and weapons in Zhapokike, perpetrators under search


  • What “activating State of Emergency” means, as opposition demands it, government refuses
  • Insurance from floods could vary from 20 to 50 Euros a year
  • Village of Vana in Delvina isolated due to lack of bridge


  • Tirana Mayor: “Arberesh Albanians, powerful friendship bridge with Italy”
  • Albania, first time attendance at the Chicago Museum


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