AINA TIR-FAX, December 30, 2017



  • President Meta: “Digitalization makes life easier for citizens, encourages economic growth”
  • Skënderbeu year, how state official notes will look next year in all decision makings of
  • Basha reminds the principle: One member one vote in all DP decision making
  • Kryemadhi: We will defend our MP accused of theft
  • SPAK: Police nightmares, dossiers and targeted politicians


  • Scandal with ARMO, Americans blame Albanian partner
  • Feasts, less purchases this year
  • “Sheraton” leaves Albania from January 1
  • Deadline expired today for the fines` amnesty
  • Minister of Innovation Harito speaks about the importance of the new regional economic initiative for the Albanian integration into EU


  • Masked people rob bank in Laç
  • Journalist Koka discloses the new structure of Elbasan police
  • Albanian seized in Italy in possession of heroin
  • Statistics: 54 killed during 2017
  • 43 year old from Fier denounces the disappearance of his daughter, he fears she has been abducted for trafficking purposes
  • Businessman from Durres attempts suicide
  • Court dismisses the case of former MP Armando Prenga
  • 1,6 tons of drug towards Greece, another Albanian seized, mentions name of Albanian businessman


  • Tirana Municipality, gifts to children of firefighters
  • Week of road safety: Implementation of rules from children an inspirations for adults  


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