AINA TIR-FAX, December 29, 2017



  • Rama: “Tahiri placed us in a difficult position, but SP would now win 78 seats”
  • Vasili: Rama the only one that had viewed the reform in the justice system as a nightmare
  • Rama: Reform in the justice system not pending by the political agendas
  • Kryemadhi in Skrapar: Institutions to be turned back to Albanians
  • Skenderbeu year, first state documents come out
  • Rama: Letter of Meta to Trump, a ridiculous action
  • Rama: Basha refuses agreement to justify election loss
  • Provisory Prosecutor General, Arta Marku, makes her first movements in the Prosecution General
  • DP reacts after Prosecutor General replaced Decriminalization Director, Rovena Gashi
  • Rama warning: Public administration to be cleaned from unqualified civil employees


  • Construction permits double throughout the country, they triple in Tirana
  • Economic growth slowed down: Experts: This was caused due to energy crises
  • IMF suggests reforms in the capital market in Albania
  • Dollar devaluates, best time to purchase online
  • Bloomberg ranks Albanian Lek among the currencies with the best performances


  • Trial against ArturZoto, Bledar Skenderi witnesses at court
  • Man convicted with 22 year of imprisonment for the murder of two brothers in 1997 extradited from London
  • 39 year old arrested while attempting to leave border in possession of drug
  • 40 year old from Fier declared wanted from Italy for drug trafficking caught in Qafë-Thanë 
  • 31 year old from Vlora arrested in possession of weapons
  • Car crashes to death a 55 year old while riding his bike
  • 64 year old handcuffed under alcohol effect


  • Tirana Municipality distributes gifts for the families in need
  • Public institutions respond to Tirana Municipality appeal, offer meal to social centers
  • New Year “Bankers Petrolium” brings back smile to 130 families in need



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