AINA TIR-FAX, December 28, 2017



  • Unification of Kosovo-Albania archive practices
  • Former French MFA: “EU must accept Albania and encourage all its members to recognize Kosovo”
  • Rama wishes a year of prosperity with a touching video
  • Vetting of police to start in January and to end by the end of 2018
  • Tahiri`s passport decision shows Rama`s pressure to Prosecution
  • Speaker Ruci: “Cannabis in 2016 was wrong”
  • Hahn: “Balkan countries in EU by 2025”
  • Speaker Ruci: “Parliament didn’t rush with new Prosecutor”
  • SMI, Petrit Vasili appeals to citizens to march to Tirana against Rama’s government
  • Rama: “We brought dignity back to teachers. Professional education, a priority”
  • Saimir Tahiri returns among SP friends in a special dinner on the occasion of the end of the year


  • After Arber Road, 6 other companies present their offers for concession
  • Ministry of Justice inspects institutions in Korça: Merit-based employments
  • ARMO, a refinery of debts. Hundreds of millions of unpaid taxes, pardoned year after year


  • Youngster badly bitten, three men arrested in Maliq
  • Two Albanians seized with heroin in Athens
  • Masks return in Saranda, two petrol stations robbed under guns` threat
  • Man arrested after attempting to corrupt border police officer in Kapshtica Crossing Border Point
  • 66 year old arrested in possession of weapons and munitions
  • Fire in the house, 89 year old found dead
  • Vlore, teenager stabs 23 year old
  • SIS report: 128 effectives implicated with drugs


  • Farewell to Florenc Beqiraj
  • Oilman protest in front of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, 6 of them met with minister Gjiknuri
  • Bad weather, police warns drivers: Beware and call 112 in case of accidents



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