AINA TIR-FAX, December 27, 2017



  • Basha: “We are in a constitutional crisis. With SMI on an opposition front”
  • EU to accept Albanians, Kushner: Albania not the last of the list
  • Kushner “slaps” DP: It has worked against the country`s interests, this was obvious last week on parliament with the chaotic scenes
  • Xhafaj: Urgent meeting with MPs and experts in the Ministry of Interior
  • Xhafaj: vetting of police employees to start in 2018
  • Tahiri present at the Prosecution to receive his passport
  • Basha warns Tahiri: There is no political prosecutor that saves you from justice
  • Basha meets Kombinat residents, invites them to protest with opposition


  • Prices of food and vegetables increased by 40%
  • WB: Albania prevails with the highest rate of child deaths
  • Albanian Lek continues to strengthen its position versus other currencies


  • Two Albanians seized with heroin in Athens
  • Car bangs pedestrian in Tirana
  • Man convicted for domestic violence arrested in Athens
  • Roberies and fake names, prosecution: Rakipi and Rehovica hid arrests in Italy
  • Student in Elbasan disappeared from boarding school
  • Prosecution: The euros found in Orest Sota car do not belong to Tahiri
  • Coffin of Florenc Beqiraj covered in Albanian flag reaches his land
  • 5 year old nephew takes car and bangs his aunt to death
  • Woman sets fire to herself, husband receives serious wounds attempting to rescue her
  • Police warns: Consume alcohol on New Year`s eve, but do not drive, tolerance zero


  • Oil workers march to Tirana in protest
  • Veliaj: we have fixed the Tirana river, investments saved the area from floods


  • Butrint, the king of attractions for tourists in Albania


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