AINA TIR-FAX, December 23, 2017



  • US Embassy: “Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, acceptance of truth”
  • Bushati: “Albania’s vote in favor of UN resolution, not against the USA”
  • Sixth Albanian contingent deploys to Herat, Afghanistan
  • 23 year old dies in France, Basha: Albanian youngsters go, no one responsible for the situation
  • Former ambassador of USA: Resolution is not considered a vote against USA
  • Vote of Albania in ONU does not affect relationships with USA
  • Drug airplane drops in Ishem
  • Touching message from MP Lefter Koka to parents of Florence Beqiraj
  • Basha starts his meeting tours for January protests


  • Regional doctor’s salary, 20,000 ALL higher than Ministers
  • UNO predicts an economic growth of 3, 8% for Albania in 2018


  • Tributes for Florenc, Lapaj: State must bring the case to the end
  • “New fight of Italian mafia” for the Albanian drug trafficking
  • Drug Santa Claus found in a hotel in Italy with 600 thousand euro
  • 36 year old goes crazy, bits wife and intimidates father in law
  • Brother of the 32 year old murderer arrested in Shkoder
  • 44 year old harasses wife`s niece


  • Tirana Mayor: “No contracts for cleaning companies that violated terms”
  • Archbishop Anastas: “The hysteria of communism reduced the religious interest of this holiday”
  • Message of Archbishop George Frendo before Christmas
  • Armed Forces rebuilt Dropull Bridge collapsed by floods
  • Three thousand volunteers have started cleaning debris from Rinas road to Kalaja e Krujes


  • Traditional wine tasting celebration in Pogradec



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