AINA TIR-FAX, December 22, 2017



  • US Ambassador meets new Provisory Prosecutor, urges her to target high-level corruption, even Tahiri
  • Tough situation for Albania as UN gathers to vote against Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • US Ambassador meets new Provisory Prosecutor, urges her to target high-level corruption, even Tahiri
  • Justice from America? US Ambassador’s commitment to Prosecutor Generals
  • Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs on Jerusalem: “Aligned with EU policy”
  • DP leader meets ambassadors: “Appointing of Prosecutor, a Constitutional coup”
  • Albanian President: “Vote against Trump’s decision was unnecessary, does not reflect national consensus”
  • Bushati: “Albania’s vote in favor of UN resolution, not against the USA”
  • Albania’s vote in the UN causes reactions in Kosovo. Thaci: “Kosovo aligned with USA under any circumstance”
  • President Ilir Meta writes to Donald Trump after UN vote


  • Tirana Mayor: “2018, biggest budget ever. Tourism grew 2.5 fold”
  • Rama meets Albanian entrepreneurs in USA


  • “New fight of Italian mafia” for the Albanian drug trafficking
  • 35 year old arrested for stealing car in Kuçova
  • Mysterious tragedy in Marseilles, as 23-year-old Albanian is kept alive by hospital machines


  • Environmental disaster in Lushnje, with dump site close to residential areas
  • Agreement for WWII Greek soldiers, excavations start January 2018
  • Tirana with lack power for two hours, not all areas affected
  • Three vehicles crash in Shën Koll, drivers injured
  • Ianullatos, Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church: “My successor will be Albanian”


  • The return of Albanian Weightlifting World Champion, Romela Begaj


  • Solicit winter comes with low temperatures


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