AINA TIR-FAX, December 21, 2017



  • Albanian President meets first Albanian Speaker of Macedonia
  • Basha met Lu, expressed opposition to appointing of Prosecutor General
  • SMI leader meets US Ambassador, Donald Lu
  • Lu meets Attorney General
  • Greek Foreign Minister: “There are two solutions for the War Law issue with Albania”
  • Prosecution asks suspension of three Judges over corruption
  • SMI leader: “Ready to vote High Council of Prosecution”. Ngjela: “No Constitutional violation”
  • Civil Society appoints candidates for High Council of Prosecution
  • Jerusalem in UNO: Albania being faced with a difficult test
  • Assembly bureau dismisses 10 MPs
  • Vasili: MPs that defended constitution condemned
  • Minister Xhaçkameets effectives of EOD after the completion of mission in Leetonia and Mali
  • Xhaçka: The investment of the Armed Forces the proper investment for a safer Albania
  • Government appoints head of Statistics Council


  • Bankers refuse to pay 900,000 USD for Zharreza residents
  • Eurosig owner dedicates presentation to Albania at World Summit of Leaders in Oxford
  • Relationship between IMF and Albanian government revealed, there will be annual inspections
  • BoA governor: “Fight” with euro to start in the first half of 2018
  • Euro reaches lowest levels versus Albanian Lek
  • Tirana municipality council adopted 2018 budget with 32 votes
  • WB ranks countries according to their abilities of recovering from natural disasters, Albania ranked among countries with a high ability to recover of 69%
  • Tourism in high levels during weekends, Albania preferred by neighboring countries


  • Two Albanians arrested in Italy in possession of cocaine
  • The six protesters arrested in the opposition protest released


  • Veliaj, 2018 budget, the highest recognized by Tirana
  • Women association “No violence to women and girls”
  • Agreement of Greek graves, first excavations to started in January in Dragoti field
  • 17 new schools to be built in Tirana


  • Swedish magazine, “Vagabond”;, Albanian the best country in 2018


  • Frost till the end of 2017, next year to start with snow


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